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A Few Words About Manny

I’ve always loved the natural world. I love the play of sunlight on the trees, and how they provide shade for us. I love the plants and how they add color and flourish to the presentation of a house. Yes, I am one of those lucky few who finds that their life’s work is bound up in what they love most. I found that I have a knack for landscaping and that I love what I do. But, I didn’t realize this right away. I did not set out to make this my job but found it is instead my calling. I discovered that I love bringing out the best in peoples’ lawns and I have found that this can be done quickly and in a way that is affordable to the homeowner. I understand how a well-landscaped lawn adds value to a family’s greatest investment.

It started by happenstance with my own yard, and my neighbors were so impressed that they asked me to work on now one yard and then the other.  I guess you can say that it hasn’t stopped—that I have just found new ‘neighbors.’ Fortunately, my family has been working with me from the beginning, and we understand that our work is our coat-of-arms.

I invite you to take a moment and scroll through my website. And if you would like to be my ‘neighbor,’ please give me a call. I know your time is valuable and I will be in touch by the end of the working day. I will be prepared to answer your questions so you can make a decision as to the right course of action for you.

Talk to you soon!